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Expectations for Meetings and Events


In-person gatherings (on or off campus) of up to 50 people can occur when they are for Northwestern students, faculty, and staff and align with the University’s Return to Campus Policy.


  • The audience for in-person on campus events should primarily be Northwestern students. (Note: First and second year students without an approved exception cannot come to campus this fall.)
  • Events that are primarily for people other than Northwestern constituents should transition to remote delivery or be postponed.
  • Any in-person events must have ticketing or registration to enable collection of RSVPs ahead of events and maintain records attendance for contact tracing for all events.
  • Masks are to be worn at all times.
  • Event sponsors should limit participants to a number that allows for appropriate social distancing in the event space.
  • All intercollegiate athletics events will follow NCAA and conference rules and guidelines and expectations of the University’s Department of Athletics and Recreation

Key Considerations

  • Given on-campus space constraints, events for Northwestern students should be prioritized for in-person events.
  • Gatherings that are primarily for staff or faculty should consider transitioning to remote delivery.
  • Contingency plans should be in place for emergent issues, such as the need to cancel.
  • Departmental or team meetings are not considered events, but generally should still be held virtually wherever possible.

Additional Resources

Review information on the University’s Core Responsibilities including physical and social distancing as well as general health and hygiene rules