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Phased Return to Campus

With safety as our guiding principle, we are implementing a phased return to campus, one that ensures we protect all members of our community while repopulating our campus.

Prepare to return to campus


Northwestern is Currently in Step 6

Northwestern has begun the core academic year.

At each step, new populations may be cleared to re-populate campus, and new campus buildings may be activated. Progression to a higher step will be contingent on the successful completion of the previous step.

Staff, faculty and students may return physically to campus only if:
  • They meet the criteria outlined in the applicable period of the University’s phased return to campus plan; and
  • They are specifically instructed to return to campus, on a continuous or intermittent basis, by their school or unit leadership.

Return to Campus Policy and Guidelines

As a condition of returning to campus, community members are required to follow the policies and requirements issued by Northwestern.