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Physical Distancing Guidelines

Pandemic Space Allocation Modification Guidelines

Square Footage (SF)/Seat by Seating Type

These guidelines establish a minimum of 6 feet of physical distance between individuals in all directions. This results in ~20-30% utilization of pre-COVID occupancy.

Pre-Pandemic Seating Capacity Range Seating Type Adjusted Area per Seat
1-15 seats
(~22 SF/seat)
Seminar rooms 180 SF/seat
16-24 seats
(~24 SF/seat)
Seminar rooms 93 SF/seat
Flexible seating rooms 55 SF/seat
25-30 seats
(~50 SF/seat)
Seminar rooms 91 SF/seat
Flexible seating rooms 58 SF/seat
31-50 seats
(~20 SF/seat)
Seminar rooms 88 SF/seat
Flexible seating rooms 60 SF/seat
Fixed seating lecture halls 88 SF/seat
51-75 seats
(~17 SF/seat)
Seminar rooms 86 SF/seat
Flexible seating rooms 56 SF/seat
Fixed seating lecture halls 73 SF/seat
76-150 seats
(~43 SF/seat)
Flexible seating rooms 49 SF/seat
Fixed seating lecture halls 76 SF/seat
151-250 seats
(~14 SF/seat)
Fixed seating lecture halls 62 SF/seat
250+ seats
(~10 SF/seat)
Fixed seating lecture halls 57 SF/seat

Instructional Space Guidelines will apply the established pandemic physical distancing guidelines. That said, it is important to recognize that our General Purpose Classrooms are each unique, and exact seating capacities will vary, based on building conditions and age; room layout, orientation, and door placement; and teaching wall location.