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Guidelines for Instructional Spaces

The Northwestern community is responsible for certain expectations in instructional spaces.

Face Coverings

Regardless of vaccination status, everyone is required to wear masks in shared indoor spaces in alignment with guidance from the public health agencies. Faculty who are fully vaccinated and who are teaching in-person may do so without a mask, provided they maintain appropriate distancing.

Masking remains optional outdoors, though certain outdoor events may elect to require masking based on the number of attendees and location of the event.

Assigned Seating

Faculty are encouraged to use assigned seating or keep a record of student seating to assist with contact tracing if needed. Please post the seating chart on Canvas so that students can access it if requested by the contact tracing team.

Health Monitoring

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the risk of exposure, unvaccinated community members are expected to regularly monitor their personal health status. 

Unvaccinated faculty, students and staff who are physically on campus are expected to use the Symptom Tracker web app for daily health monitoring, in addition to adhering to their testing protocol. Symptom Tracker must be completed each day prior to attending on-campus work, programming or activities, including classes.

All faculty, students and staff can continue using Symptom Tracker to initiate a case with the COVID Response Team if they have symptoms or exposures.

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