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Academics and Instruction

The University plans to welcome some students back in the fall and is excited to do so. However, it will also be a new and different learning environment, which may continue to change and evolve as the academic year progresses.

Use this section to learn more about instruction, term dates, and more, as well as class schedules, registration for quarter-based undergraduate and graduate programs.

Remote, Hybrid and In-Person Instruction

We anticipate that a significant portion of fall instruction will be conducted remotely. Schools and programs are committed to offering face-to-face co-curricular and curricular experiences when technology, tools and campus spaces are necessary to accomplish learning outcomes. We plan to offer enough classes that require face-to-face attendance that our international students can comply with newly announced immigration requirements.

We are working on how best to meet in-person while observing mandatory social distancing and other personal hygiene guidelines from the federal, state and local governments.

Modes of Instruction

Instruction this fall may be:

  • Fully remote, either asynchronous or synchronous 
  • Face-to-face
  • Hybrid, a combination of remote and face-to-face instruction.

Decisions about the mode of instruction will be tailored to each discipline, school and department. Learn more about each mode of instruction.

For assistance with teaching and learning in a remote environment, see the Remote Teaching and Learning Guidance website.

Class Schedules and Registration

Find dates for registration and the release of class schedules.

More on Schedules and Dates

Revised Term Dates

Northwestern will start our fall academic terms on a modified schedule, with most programs beginning earlier than planned.

Programs offered by Term start Last day for face-to-face classes Exam period
Graduate, professional and undergraduate schools on the quarter system(except Kellogg)

Wednesday, September 16

Tuesday, November 24

December 2-8

Kellogg School of Management (excluding Executive MBA)

Saturday, September 19

Saturday, November 21

December 4-8
Pritzker School of Law

Monday, August 24

Tuesday, November 24
(Reading period from November 30-December 4)

December 5-17

Calendars for Northwestern University in Doha and clinical programs in the Feinberg School of Medicine are essentially unchanged.