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COVID-19 Expectations for Students

were-n-together-2.jpgShared community standards remind us that we each have personal responsibility for actions that may affect our own health and the health of our friends, colleagues, and the broader Northwestern communities. All students are required to comply with the COVID-19 Expectations for Students.

Health and Safety Guidelines-As a condition to returning to campus, community members are required to follow policies and guidance issued by Northwestern. Living in Campus Housing-Expectations for undergraduate and graduate students living in on-campus residential housing, inclusive of fraternity and sorority life facilities.
COVID-19 Testing-An important part of maintaining a safe and healthy environment is compliance with Northwestern's testing protocols.

Northwestern University may modify these expectations at any time as guidance from federal, state, and local governments and/or the University evolves.  As a reminder, in addition to the expectations set forth below, all students are expected to follow policies applicable to students, including those contained in the Student Handbook or your specific academic program. You can visit the Office of Community Standards COVID-19 FAQ  page for additional information.
Northwestern's Ongoing Response to COVID-19/Coronavirus

Updated 2021-06-28