Academic Dress

female student at commencement in purple gown

Purple rental gowns custom designed for Northwest­ern and featuring the University crest are the standard regalia and must be worn by all participating candi­dates. Tassels feature the Northwestern seal signet and are worn on the left side at all times.

Candidates may not alter or decorate their regalia in any way or wear additional articles not directly related to aca­demic merit. Doing so may interfere with their abil­ity to participate.

Bachelor’s degree regalia include a souvenir stole. Advanced degree candidates wear hoods. The lining of the Northwestern hood is purple and gold, and the color of the velvet border of the hood indicates the academic area. Please see the School Convocation pages for tassel and hood border colors.

All degree candidates may retain their cap and keepsake tassel. Bachelor’s degree candidates may also retain their souvenir stole. PhD candidates may elect to purchase the official Northwestern gown and should contact to make those arrangements.