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Our Commitment

We commit to expanding diversity training and anti-racism programs and curricula for all faculty, staff and students. Senior administrators and academic leaders will undertake anti-racism training in summer quarter of 2020 and will develop and sponsor mandatory training sessions and programs for all campuses.

Social Justice Training 


Restorative practices offer a unique opportunity to create a safe, inclusive and welcoming campus community. These practices are sometimes categorized into 3 separate “tiers” which can be a helpful tool for understanding the many ways a community can be restorative.  The University of San Diego (USD) School of Leadership and Education Sciences calls this model the “Whole School Approach.” Visit the USD for helpful image representing the three tiers.

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1. First Steps

Fall 2020

  • Senior Administrator Foundational DEI Training (facilitated by KaleelJamison Consulting Group)
  • Training evaluation identified need for deeper learnings
  • TiShaunda McPherson, Former Senior Associate Vice President for Equity, appointed action leader for DEI and anti-racism training programs
  • Established Education Council for an Inclusive Northwestern (ECIN)
  • Cross functional collaboration – HR WELL Team, Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance, Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion, Social Justice Education, Faculty, and Student-facing Staff

2. Leadership Development

Fall 2021

  • ECIN launched the Next 250 Anti-Racism Learning Experience (facilitated by Justice Informed)

Winter 2022

  • ECIN launched the Senior Administrator Anti-Racism Retreat (facilitated by Justice Informed)

3. University-Wide Programs and Training

Spring 2022

  • Senior administrators and the Next 250 participants develop anti-racism goals and action plans
  • Anti-Racism Digital Series community preview and engagement
  • Three modules digital series customized for Northwestern students, staff and faculty
  •  Partnership with ECIN, Northwestern scholars and DEIJ experts, and Language and Culture Worldwide
  • The 800 and Beyond Anti-Racism Learning Experience
  • 20 University faculty and staff trained to deliver anti-racism education series.

Summer 2022

  • The 800 and Beyond Pilot Program
  • Expected launch of the Anti-Racism Digital Series


Comprehensive Anti-Racist and Social Justice Education Strategic Plan