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The Next 250 Anti-Racism Learning Experience

The Next 250 Program was developed in furtherance of the University’s social justice training commitment to provide diversity and anti-racism programs and curricula for all faculty, staff and students. Following the senior administrator training in fall 2020, the University solicited feedback from faculty, staff and students. The feedback received indicated that many in our campus community are ready for demonstrable changes in our culture and climate, as well as affirmation from senior administrators that the University’s stated values – of being equitable and inclusive – are sincere. From this, the University recognized an incredible opportunity to empower all senior leaders to amplify positive change at Northwestern (and beyond), and to equip them with the skills, techniques and resources needed to do so.

Senior Administrators Anti-Racism Retreat

The Senior Administrators Anti-Racism Retreat was developed in response to feedback from the University community emphasizing the need for senior administrators to lead by modeling for the campus community the importance of utilizing an anti-racist lens in our daily work and interactions. Over 50 University senior administrators – including President Morty Schapiro, Executive Vice President Craig Johnson, and Provost Kathleen Hagerty – participated in a two-day anti-racism retreat facilitated by Justice Informed, a Chicago-based social impact consulting firm. During the retreat, these leaders developed a critical understanding of anti-racism, how an anti-racist framework differs from other DEI and social justice models, and the necessity to intentionally adopt an anti-racist lens in order to effectively advance an inclusive and welcoming community at the University. The retreat ended with commitment to continue their learning journey, institutionalize policies and practices that increase equity across the University, and remain accountable to each other and the campus community for this work. Following the retreat, the senior administrators will collaborate with each other and their direct reports, many of whom completed the Justice Informed Next 250 Anti-Racism Series last fall, to develop strategic actions on the following five areas identified as priorities by the 250 leaders: pay equity, vendor equity/supplier diversity requirements, crisis response and policing, equity metrics, and test requirements for admissions.

Digital Module Series

Digital module series offer three modules (each module approx. 45 min) customized for Northwestern students, staff and faculty

Our partners include Northwestern scholars and DEIJ experts, and Language and Culture Worldwide. The relationship we build with our partners and collaborators allow us to leverage resources and extend our reach, to nurture the capacity of different university groups and to widen the impact of our work.

Module 1: Around Us

Fundamentals of Racist Structures and Systems in Higher Education

Module 2: Between Us

Fundamentals of Anti-Racist and Socially Just Interactions

Module 3: Within Us

Fundamentals of Unconscious Bias

The Next 800

In partnership with Justice Informed, Northwestern’s Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance and Education Council for an Inclusive Northwestern (ECIN) are launching a train-the-trainer program to expand the anti-racism and social justice training initiative to the next 800 managers at Northwestern. We expect to begin scheduling these trainings in late spring / early summer. 

Northwestern’s Social Justice and Anti-Racism “Train-the-Trainer” Program