Aspasia Apostolakis Miller

Aspasia joined the Office of Change Management in September 2012. As a director, she facilitates organizational change by assisting academic and administration leaders in identifying potential initiatives that could improve unit and institutional performance and effectiveness.  She leads project work groups through assessment, diagnoses, design, and implementation phases.  She also assists with planning and implementation of the annual Northwestern University Best Practices Forum.

Aspasia’s career at Northwestern began in 2000 when she assumed a leadership role in the Office of Alumni Relations and Development.   She was instrumental in the organizational growth and restructuring of the Alumni Relations office, which is home to Northwestern 200,000 member Alumni Association (NAA).  Aspasia also led the planning and implementation of the NAA’s events, programs, and services for Northwestern’s 8,000 undergraduate students and 20,000 young alumni.  She was responsible for designing the NAA’s career services and programs that reached alumni across all life stages in collaboration with University Career Services, the NAA Board of Directors, and alumni club leaders.   Before coming to Northwestern, Aspasia was a human resources executive for two major corporations in the services sector.  Aspasia earned an MS from Northwestern in Managerial Communication and a BBA from George Washington University in Business Administration/Marketing. She is an active member of the Council of One Hundred, a group of Northwestern alumnae dedicated to mentoring Northwestern women students and recent grads.