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Considerations for June 2020 grads

Extended use of NCA Services

In light of the impact of Covid-19 on the job search, NCA will allow 2020 graduates to meet with a career adviser or counselor until securing your first position post-graduation.

Tips for offers that have been rescinded/delayed

If you are a student whose offer has been rescinded or delayed, here are some tips:

Tips for the job search

Be flexible/open

This time, while daunting, also gives you the opportunity to think more broadly about your career”.  rather than being tied to the “perfect position” This may mean looking at companies that you hadn’t considered before. As you consider options, look beyond the companies you think you “should” work and ask yourself:

Continue to Network

Remember that once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat. You will always have access to Handshake, which includes alumni who work at specific companies as well as job listings, and access to networking resources such as Our Northwestern and the Northwestern Mentorship Program. Reach out to people you already know relatively well to ask them to keep an eye out for relevant opportunities for you. Start with people who you feel comfortable approaching, such as favorite professors, former supervisors, family members, and friends—and let them know you’re looking for a job.

Continue to Update your Skills

Even as you are searching for a job, you can still work on gaining skills. Doing project-based work, short term internships, and taking classes through resources such as Coursera and Course Horse can help you to develop new skills that will build upon your current knowledge. You can also market this to potential employers by putting “courses in progress” on your resume.