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Special Considerations for Graduate Students

The main NCA finance industry page provides a helpful introduction to careers in finance for all students, so make sure to read that, too. Here are some additional considerations for graduate students considering a career in finance.

Opportunities for Graduate Students

There are opportunities in financial services for graduate students with strong research, quantitative, and programming skills. Many entry-level positions will be at large firms in big metropolitan areas.  Recruiting for advanced degree candidates generally happens in the summer and fall, but candidates are also hired as-needed throughout the year.

Research the Field

Develop your knowledge of business and finance by reading publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and The Economist.

Get Connected

Networking is key to getting a start in finance, particularly for PhDs and non-business master’s students. Join LinkedIn groups to learn more about the field and to connect with insiders. Also, talk to alumni working in finance. You can find them via and through the Northwestern University Alumni group on LinkedIn. 

Common Career Directions for PhDs