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Farm, Fish & Food Manufacturing & Distribution

The farm, fish, and food manufacturing and distribution industry consists of companies that aid in the production, management, regulation, and delivery of food. Companies that produce agricultural machinery, companies that process food to be sold to businesses and consumers, and companies that manage the distribution of food to sales centers all fall within this industry.

There are many types of roles within these industries. In addition to manufacturers, who process food products, the increasing mechanization of food production has created a need for industrial engineers. Other positions include supervisors, production inspectors, quality control technicians, food scientists and technologists, computer programmers and systems analysts, industrial production managers, marketing and sales managers, purchasing agents, accountants, auditing and procurement clerks.

Internships/Full-time Positions

  • Marketing Intern
  • Technology Assistant
  • Food & Beverage Management Trainee

Skills Needed

  • communication
  • complex problem solving
  • monitoring
  • judgment and decision making
  • coordination
  • critical thinking
  • analysis


Common interview questions
  • How would you market [X] product?
  • Talk about a time you used your analytical skills to solve a complex problem.
  • How will your previous work or internship experience prepare you for this job?
Technical interviews

Applicants can also expect technical interview questions relating to the area of the farm, fish, and food manufacturing and distribution industry to which they are applying.

Employer / Industry / Job Search Resources
Farm/Fish-related student groups
  • Students for Ecological and Environmental Development (SEED)
  • Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW)
Campus Resources

Transportation Center

Companies that Recruit at Northwestern
  • ACH Food Companies, Inc.
  • ADM (Archer Daniels Midland Company)
  • Barilla America
  • Bunge Global Agribusiness
  • Deere
  • Relay Foods
  • Schreiber Foods, Inc.
  • Swagger Foods Corporation
  • Technomic

Farm, Fish & Food Manufacturing & Distribution Jobs

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