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Computer Science, Information & Internet Technology

Computer science and information and internet technology describe broad fields related to the production, storage, and distribution of information. Computer scientists and information technologists are needed in every industry. In fact, most CS/IT jobs can be found in organizations that are not focused on computers. Within CS/IT, people generally work developing, installing, or implementing computer systems and programs. CS/IT offers a wide range of careers, and hiring companies range from small, specialized start-ups to large multi-faceted corporations.

Those interested in computer science and information technology can fill roles ranging from the design and development of software, to the installation and maintenance of hardware, to the support of technology users. Because of the ever-changing nature of technology, these fields are constantly evolving. Currently, growth areas within CS/IT include cloud computing, information security, and device mobility.

Internships/Full-time Positions
  • IT Analyst intern
  • Technical writing intern
  • Software engineering intern
  • IT engineering intern
  • User interface intern
  • IT support intern
Skills Needed
  • knowledge of computer basics
  • programming
  • knowledge of current trends/new technologies
  • flexibility
  • collaboration
  • communication
  • interpersonal
  • project management


Common interview questions
  • What is your biggest weakness?
  • How well do you work with different areas of IT?
Technical interviews

Applicants in this field will also encounter technical questions. These may relate to the applicants’ programming knowledge, their experience with different areas of IT, and the particular IT skills they bring to the position.

Employer / Industry / Job Search Resources
IT-related Student Groups
Campus Resources
Companies that recruit at Northwestern
  • Gelber Group
  • IBM
  • Gogo
  • Epic
  • Adage Technologies
  • SWC Technology Partners
  • BrightEdge

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