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Resumes & Cover Letters


Students pursuing positions within this industry may have both a traditional and a more creative version of their resume, specifically those interested in multimedia or graphic design positions.  These resumes may be created using design software and may incorporate the use of color; however, it is important to also have a more traditional resume that is more easily read by resume scanning systems during the application process.  On either resume, it is important to link to examples of your work as well to further demonstrate what you have to offer the employer.

Traditional Resume Sample
Creative Resumes Samples
Cover Letters

When applying to positions in this industry, your cover letter should tell two stories, and both should be interesting. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your creativity and personality.  First, as concisely as you can, tell the story of how your experiences have shaped you for the position. Then, tell the story of what you’ll do with this position if you land it.

Hook the employer with these stories. Although the first story should probably include some of the highlights, don’t just provide a narrative of your resume.  Focus on what sets you apart from other candidates and how that relates to your interest in and knowledge of the company. (