The Office Visit-Second Round Interview

Good news - You've done well in your first interview, and now the employer has invited you back for a second interview. Second interviews and/or on-site visits are designed to evaluate your skills and competencies in greater depth and to determine if there is a "fit" between you and the organization.

The format for a second interview or office visit can vary greatly. Some second interviews are held on campus, but most will be at the organization's facility. An on-site interview often takes a half or full day and may include multiple successive interviews, lunch, and a tour of the office.

Tips for Success on your Second Round

  • If required, know what the travel arrangements are, including what you will be reimbursed for. Some employers will make all arrangements in advance of your trip, while some will expect you to pay and then reimburse you.
  • When you are invited to a second round interview, you can expect that you are a competitive candidate for the opportunity. For this reason, anticipate the questions you receive will be more challenging.
  • If you are meeting with the same interviewer as you had met with during the first round, try not to "recycle" answers from your previous interview. Although you may be responding to the same question throughout the day from different interviewers, keep your responses to questions fresh and enthusiastic.
  • Come prepared to the interview with a lot of questions. There will be a greater focus on answering your questions.  Because the employer has an expressed interest in you, they want to provide you with as much information so that if an offer is presented you are comfortable making a decision.
  • Observe the organization's culture and the interactions between staff members.
  • If a company indicates they will reimburse your expenses, spend reasonably and keep receipts for all expenditures.