Panel Interviews

A panel interview consists of several interviewers from the organization interviewing a single candidate at one time. Each panel member will take turns to ask questions relevant to their interests and after the interview the candidate can be discussed and rated from each member's perspective. Typically, you will be informed in advance if you will be interviewed by more than one person; however, do not be surprised if the situation arises without notice.

  • Approach the panel interview just as you would approach a traditional interview. With the exception that more people are present, the questions you are asked will be comparable to that of a one-on-one interview.
  • Recognize that it is more difficult to establish rapport with a group than it is with an individual. Relax, smile, and do your best!
  • Be prepared for rapid-fire questions; at least one person will be framing the next question while you are answering the last one. In addition, you may find that in this format it is common to receive more follow-up questions to your responses.
  • Share your eye contact during each response while giving slightly more eye contact to the questioner at the beginning and end of your response.
  • When it is time to ask a question of your own, try to direct it to one person.