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The recruiting timeline for a startup is not easily defined. Many startups hire for immediate need. Be active in CareerCat to look for new postings as well as company sites and the resources listed on the career information page. NCA (and other offices) host a Startup Career Fair in March for many internship and full time positions.

Examples of Startup Companies

  • Venture for America (Training & Placement in a Startup)
  • Civis Analytics
  • Trunk Club
  • WeWork
  • Sprout Social
  • BrainGain
  • MyMenu
  • DoorDash

Key Things to Do to Prepare

Market yourself

  1. Make sure your resume is in a clear format and tailored to the job you are applying to.For some tips, visit NCA’s resume building tips and set up an appointment with a career adviser.
  2. Have an online presence and be sure to monitor information that potential employers can see.
  3. Network! Ask your friends and people you know in the industry about startups that are hiring. Have them refer you directly.
  4. Connect with Companies and alumni through LinkedIn and Twitter. Try not to get lost in the job application black hole.
  5. Attend startup hackathons or developer contests—show you are interested in working with their teams.

Next steps

  • Conduct informational interviews with alumni at startup organizations to build your network and learn about their experiences.
  • Become involved in relevant student groups to build your skillset.
  • Research employer and industry resources to learn about trends.
  • Intern at a startup.