Special Considerations for Graduate Students

The main NCA energy and sustainability industry page provides a helpful introduction to careers in these fields for all students, so make sure to read that, too. Here are some additional considerations for graduate students considering a career in energy and sustainability.

Articulate Relevant Skills and Experiences:

Depending on how clearly your education and experience relate to the fields of energy and sustainability, you may have to provide additional explanation to help hiring committees understand how you are a good fit for the position. You can also demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and gain relevant experience by volunteering or taking an internship—keep your eyes out for internships open to graduate-level candidates.

Get Connected:

Join LinkedIn groups and follow companies of interest to learn more about the field and to connect with insiders. Also, talk to alumni working in energy and sustainability. You can find alumni via our.northestern.edu and through the Northwestern University Alumni group on LinkedIn. 

Additional Resources:

To learn more about resources that can help you prepare for a career related to energy and sustainability, visit the TGS Core Competencies page to learn about resources that can help you build core competencies. 

Common Career Directions for PhDs:

  • Engineer (Electrical, Civil)
  • Systems Research and Development
  • Consultant
  • Policy Research and Analysis
  • Campaign Organizer