Recruiting Timelines & Methods

Tips for Success

To successfully navigate the internship and job search process, it is important to take an active approach to networking and expanding your Northwestern career network because most people in media find work through networking. As soon as you know what areas within media that interest you, start reaching out to personal connections, alumni, and others who work in the industry to build relationships to advance your career in Communication and Media (see Get Involved, Network, & Find Opportunities within each industry/profession below). To get your foot-in-the door in this field, start out by getting involved in media related on-campus groups, publications, broadcasts, etc. 

Skills to be successful in communication and media vary by specific industry but include:

  • advanced verbal and written communication
  • flexibility and versatility
  • ability to research and think critically
  • strong interpersonal  skills
  • creativity
  • editing and attention to detail
  • teamwork
  • active listening  and interviewing
  • time management
  • computer and technical skills (in various forms of electronic media)