Special Considerations for Graduate Students

The main NCA communication and media industry page provides a helpful introduction to careers in communication and media for all students, so make sure to read that, too. Here are some additional considerations for graduate students considering a career in communications or media.

Gain Experience:

Many positions in this field value experience over credentials, so focus on identifying transferable skills and getting involved. The best way for PhDs to demonstrate their ability to be successful in the communication and media fields is to have a portfolio of work. This work need not be paid—for example, consider volunteering to manage the social media for a student group, or write blog posts for an office on campus.

Get Connected:

Networking is a very important part of the hiring process in the communication and media industries.  Start by talking with alumni working in these fields. Find them via our.northestern.edu and through the Northwestern University Alumni group on LinkedIn. 

Additional Resources:

To learn more about resources that can help you prepare for a career in communication or media, visit the TGS Career Path page Communications, Media and Publishing