Law School Application Timeline

The timeline below is a general overview of the application process. Please note the materials and timing required for each application you plan to submit.

Spring of Junior Year

  • Meet with a Pre-law Advisor at NCA or WCAS for assistance with the decision making and application process
  • Sign up to take LSAT prep courses in the spring or summer, if necessary
  • Register to take the LSAT exam in June or October
  • Research law schools of interest
  • Request letters of recommendation from two or three faculty members

Summer of Junior Year

  • Take the LSAT exam or prep courses, depending on LSAT exam date
  • Prepare a draft of your personal statement and have it reviewed by a Pre-law Advisor at NCA
  • Prepare a draft of your resume and have it reviewed at NCA
  • Create a list of law schools to which you are applying
  • Register with the Credential Assembly Service (CAS)
  • Verify with the Office of the Registrar that your official transcript is accurate and current
  • Request that your transcripts be sent to the CAS
  • Visit law schools of interest

Fall of Senior Year

Winter/ Spring of Senior Year

  • Develop a ‘Plan B’ by brainstorming and discussing alternative options
  • Prepare for interviews, if necessary
  • Evaluate and submit offers of acceptance
  • Congratulate yourself and celebrate getting through this tough process!!