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Kamaria Excell

Assistant Director of Outreach

Assistant Director of Outreach

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Phone: 847.467.5129

Strengths: Strategic, Ideation, Postivity, Context, Connectedness

Kamaria Excell is a Black Queer Feminist, Doula, and Social Worker with 10-year background experience in community engagement, violence prevention, birth, and nonprofit work. Originally from California she credits her arts-based lens to the vibrancy of South Central LA. Her diverse work experiences have equipped her with the skills to adequately create curriculum and facilitate programming related to sexual health, social justice, anti-oppressive social work, and self-awareness regarding themes of power, privilege, race, and oppression. Having been trained in Black Feminist Theory and Praxis at Spelman College she is sincerely invested in making a lasting impact through the mobilization of decolonial practices in fighting for the abolishment of structural and systemic barriers to equity for BIPOC and LGBTQIA communities. Her approach to this work centers the power of creative expression through the arts, storytelling, and rootedness in the Diaspora.

As one of the founders of Social Workers Against Mandates (SWAM), she has produced a compressive guide and training series entitled “Mandated Supporting” which currently provides students at Columbia University with updated evidence-based practices that divest from harm, centers history & intersectionality, and reflects the true responsibility of all mandated reporters to the families and communities they serve. An outspoken advocate against family regulation she also holds a support space for impacted families entitled HEAL (Heal, Empower, Advocate, & Lead) at JMac For Families. Kamaria is excited to be joining the CARE team and looks forward to supporting and holding space for the Northwestern Community.

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