What is the SOURCE?

The SOURCE is a multifunctional space on the third floor of Norris Center. This space is intended for use by Student Organizations.

Who can use the vans?

The Community Service Vehicle Program provides vehicles for students to volunteer in the Evanston and Chicagoland communities. There are five vehicles available to community service Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) for the exclusive purpose of traveling to and from a community agency to perform service.

In order to utilize this program, you must complete two required trainings before you are eligible to use the vehicles.

For information about reserving vans visit our Community Service Vehicle page.

What is Campus Life and What Happened to CSI?

As the Student Organizations & Activities (SOA-formerly CSI) and Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) teams thought strategically about the future of campus life at Northwestern, they worked to develop three key areas of involvement within their structure and reimagined themselves in a new staffing model.

After extensive conversations and benchmarking, the office of Campus Life was created with the following three functional areas within it:

In envisioning student involvement, the office of Campus Life does not see these areas as distinct, but rather working collaboratively to support the multidimensional work of students and their organizations.

For more information visit our Campus Life Restructure page.

What are the rules for contracts?

Northwestern Univeristy policy requires all contracts to be submitted to the Campus Life office no less than two weeks before a scheduled event for review and signature by the Campus Life Executive Director, Brent Turner. All contracts must be submitted directly by a staff or faculty advisor or submitted along with their signed permission. Submissions may be delivered to the Campus Life Administrative Office in c/o of Jean Voss. Failure to follow these policies may result in the cancellation of a scheduled event.

To view and download contracts visit our contracts page.

What is Wildcat Connection?

With over 500 student organizations at Northwestern, getting involved is easy. Learn more about our student organizations by visiting Wildcat Connection, Northwestern's student organization directory. Once you log-in to Wildcat Connection with your NetID and password you can explore all our student organizations from A cappella groups and theatre organizations to community service groups and sport clubs. On Wildcat Connection you can:

  • Find student organizations' social media pages
  • Search upcoming events
  • Contact organizations directly
How can I get involved?

Campus Life partners with Student Engagement offices for a full array of involvement opportunities.

Visit our Student Engagement partners' websites to learn more:

How can I get funding for my student group/event?

Student organizations at Northwestern earn money a number of ways including fundraising, collecting dues, and submitting requests for financial support. Student organizations also have the opportunity to apply for grants from the Campus Life. In addition, student organizations recognized by ASG may request funds from their respective funding body.

For more information go to our Organization Funding Page.

Where do I go if I feel my organization is engaging in negative behavior such as hazing?
Please visit the Hazing Prevention website in order to learn more about the resources available. For information on hazing prevention within student organizations, click here for additional resources.