Campus Life (CSI/FSL) Restructure

students hanging out in the SOURCE

As the Student Organizations & Activities (SOA) and Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) teams thought strategically about the future of campus life at Northwestern, they worked to develop three key areas of involvement within their structure and reimagined themselves in a new staffing model.

After extensive conversations and benchmarking, the office of Campus Life was created with the following three functional areas within it:

  • Student Organizations & Activities
  • Leadership & Community Engagement
  • Fraternity and Sorority Life

In envisioning student involvement, the office of Campus Life does not see these areas as distinct, but rather working collaboratively to support the multidimensional work of students and their organizations.

Campus Life used the Global Marketing strategy to support usage of the ampersand which describes the holistic experience of a student's point of entry into campus life. As Campus Life undergoes these changes, the office is looking intentionally at how we define leadership, advising, funding, and membership in student organizations. It is the office of Campus Life's intention that students will be able to walk into our space, have a theatre contract signed, plan an upcoming leadership retreat, and discuss recruitment for their sorority.

Look out for future communication regarding new staff and changing staff roles within Campus Life.

Please check out our Campus Life organizational flow chart to better understand our office restructure!