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Operating Resources

The Resource Planning Process accommodates annual operating budget requests from schools/units to support the school/unit strategy. An overview of the Resource Planning Process can be found here. The current page provides additional guidelines and tools for requesting operating resources. 

Resource Requests 

For appropriated schools/units: the resource meeting serves as an opportunity to discuss any incremental resource and new allocation requests and how those requests fit within the school/unit’s larger strategic framework.  

For self-supporting schools/units: the resource meeting serves as an opportunity to review the ongoing financial plan or strategy for their school/unit. 

Operating requests should be submitted to the school/unit Analyst at least one week prior to the school/unit’s Fall resource meeting using the Operating Resource Request Worksheet.

Operating requests should include incremental funding for: 

All operating requests should be categorized as “single-year” or “multi-year,” which are defined as: 

Anticipated faculty hiring or retention commitments should also be included on the request. All estimated costs for faculty hiring and/or retention commitments anticipated for FY2019 should be submitted. This will include any Central support that was requested in school’s FY2019 faculty hiring plans for recruitment or retention, including cost share eligible items (startup, discretionary, renovation funds, etc.). Schools should additionally include any resource requests to support anticipated promotion, tenure, retention commitments beyond the faculty salary planning parameter.  

Cross-unit initiatives/programs should also be included on the request. When multiple schools/units collaborate on an effort for which they seek incremental resources or new allocations, they must coordinate their operating requests prior to their resource meetings. 

Consideration and Approval 

The Resource Planning Workgroup will consider all operating requests. The group synthesizes school/unit strategies, financial plans, and resource requests, and recommends a preliminary University operating budget to the President and Provost. 

Preliminary discussions of individual resource allocations take place in the spring quarter and will be pending the Board of Trustee’s final approval of the University budget in June. At that time, the school/unit receives final notification of its operating and capital resource allocation. 

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