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Capital Facilities Process Overview

The Capital Facilities Process is depicted in the Capital Facilities Process Map. During the Resource Planning Process, capital resource requests are reviewed and allocations for projects to initiate or study during the upcoming fiscal year are approved. Decisions about resource investments are guided by University Priorities, and projects will be assessed and prioritized based on key criteria, as outlined on the Resource Planning Process Overview.

At the conclusion of the Resource Planning Process, a school/unit receives final notification of its operating and capital resource allocation, which will identify approved capital facilities projects that can proceed into the Capital Facilities Process.

Process Components

The Capital Facilities Process comprises the following components:

  1. Project Initiation - Learn about how schools/units can initiate project requests
  2. Approval Paths - Learn about the approval paths A, B, and C
  3. Project Development - Learn how a project advances through the approval paths from programming through completion

Capital Facilities Committee

The Capital Facilities Process is managed by the Capital Facilities Committee, which reviews, directs, and guides capital projects from project initiation through implementation. The Capital Facilities Committee includes representatives from the Office of the Provost, Office of Budget and Planning, and Facilities Management and is co-chaired by the Provost and Executive Vice President.

The Capital Facilities Workgroup, a subset of the full Committee, reports to and supports the Capital Facilities Committee and its co-chairs. During the Resource Planning Process, the Capital Facilities Workgroup provides support as tasked. During the Capital Facilities Process, the Workgroup manages project initiation and guides endorsed capital facilities projects through the approval process from project initiation through completion. Specifically, the workgroup receives and reviews project initiation requests; engages with the initiative sponsor and other stakeholders as necessary to inform the project; communicates the approved project approval path, budget, and scope of work to the school/unit and stakeholders; and shepherds projects through the approval points.

Capital Facilities Projects

Schools/units must first acquire approval of capital facilities projects during the annual Resource Planning Process. Capital facilities projects must align with University Priorities which are grounded in pillars of the University’s strategic plan and guide our institutional investments. Capital facilities projects are defined as:

Projects that do not qualify as a capital facilities projects will continue to be initiated directly with Facilities; however, these projects will be transitioned into the Capital Facilities Process when:

Processes to request capital equipment and information technology projects will be forthcoming.

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