Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery

The Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery (CBDD) cluster supports a hands-on cross-disciplinary learning environment for students interested in therapeutic discovery and related molecular sciences with a focus on the modulation of biological systems. Trainees from both the life and chemical sciences leverage informal acquisition of skills and knowledge in these diverse topics, while delving more deeply into their respective disciplinary education and area of research interest.   

Areas of CBDD  research interest include the application of molecular sciences to the development of small molecules for use in complex biological systems, the identification of molecular targets in signal transduction, or disease progression pathways amenable to therapeutic intervention.

Getting Involved

This cluster does not have required coursework; however, to augment formal classroom instruction, students should participate in cluster activities, including:

  • Annual Drug Discovery Symposium: Features a keynote speaker from academic or industrial drug discovery research fields, a poster session, and networking reception.
  • Seminars: Students have the opportunity to meet with visiting lecturers, who speak on research methods, breakthrough discoveries, and the therapeutic research process.
  • Workshops: Cluster students are periodically offered hands-on training on advanced instrumentation and effective research techniques.

Travel Funding

Each year four travel stipends for up to $500 each are available for students who will be traveling to chemical biology or drug discovery related national conferences to present their research. Award recipients are expected to present their research at CMIDD’s Annual Drug Discovery Symposium.

For the most up-to-date cluster information, stipend application and event list visit the Center for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery website HERE.

Cluster Directors

  • Karl Scheidt, PhD, Director, Center for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery, Dow Chemical Company Research Professor of Chemistry in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, and Professor in Pharmacology (courtesy) in the Feinberg School of Medicine

Drug Discovery Faculty Members

* Denotes IBiS and DGP Training Faculty