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Research Administrator Update

In NUFinancials each project ID has one Principle Investigator (PI) defined and one departmental Research Administrator (RADM). These are both set-up during the award stage by the Sponsored Research office (SR). Both values are displayed on the Cognos GM045 Sponsored Project Budget Statement report. And when the closeout email notification is sent for non-clinical trials the primary recipient is the PI with the RADM carbon-copied, while for clinical trial closeout notifications the RADM is the primary recipient.

Only one RADM is assigned to a project ID at any time. Unlike for PI changes, which should be based upon agreement term changes, the RADM for a particular project can be updated upon department request to either ASRSP Info Team or Sponsored Research Business Systems Team.

In many cases a departmental RADM will be assigned to a whole range of projects within a particular department, or to all of the projects of a particular PI. ASRSP has created several queries in NUFinancials that can be run on request.

    Takes PI name as a parameter and returns all applicable projects along with RADM
    Takes deptID as a parameter and returns all applicable projects with both PI and RADM
    Takes RADM name as a parameter and returns all projects for that name is listed as the RADM

After reviewing individual project RADMs on the GM045, or a series of projects on an NUFinancials query, update request may be directed to the on the ASRSP Info Team, or the Sponsored Research Business Systems Team