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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

**UPDATE** On January 17, 2014 with the enactment of the Omnibus Spending bill, Congress ended the reporting requirement for recipients of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) awards. Therefore, the January 2014 reporting cycle was the last time NU PIs will be required to report on their ARRA awards. There will not be a FY2014 Second Quarter review file posted.

The Recovery Act of 2009 funded ongoing research projects with special reporting requirements.

  • OSR/ASRSP ARRA Faculty and Staff Presentation September 2009 (Removed)
  • ARRA QUARTERLY Jobs Created Retained example (Removed)
  • ARRA files for PI review and survey response
    • ARRA FY2014 First Quarter (Removed)
    • To be reviewed by PI/Research Administrator by December 20, 2013.


Why is my Project Status listed as “Not Started”? I have started work on my award.

Project Status is calculated as a % … ARRA Expenditures/Amount of Award. If the status should be listed as “Less than 50% completed”, please forward this change request via the Stimulus Report Review tool.

My Federal Amount of ARRA Expenditure (through monthly accounting close) seems low. Why is this?

The short answer to this question is that this is due to timing issues.
Here is the long answer …. Note that the ARRA Expenditure value is through an accounting date close. Also, note the “as of” date of the ARRA PI review file worksheet tabs.

Specific example for FY2009, Fourth Quarter: The ARRA FY2009 Fourth Quarter file is through the August 2009 accounting close and the NUFinancials queries were run “as of” September 19, 2009 . The actual value submitted to will be calculated after the monthly close of August occurs on September 28, 2009. ASRSP is looking for confirmation from the PI that the ARRA Expenditures with an accounting date of August 2009 and “as of” September 19, 2009 are reasonable.

Why do I need to complete the Stimulus Report Review tool survey at Why can’t I email my ASRSP or OSR contact directly?

There are currently 200+ ARRA awards. The Stimulus Report Review tool survey is the data collection tool that allows ASRSP and OSR to efficiently manage the PIs responses. Please help us provide the highest quality of data by completing the Stimulus Report Review tool survey.