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First-Year Conversion Rate

AlcoholEdu for College is administered annually to incoming first-year classes beginning in mid-August prior to students arriving on campus. Students complete a follow-up survey approximately 6-8 weeks after the start of Fall quarter to measure their drinking behavior after being on campus. The graphic below shows the changes in quantity/level of drinking from the pre-arrival survey to the level of drinking approximately 6-8 weeks after arriving on campus. All answers are according to behavior within the past 2 weeks of taking each survey.

This diagram depicts our first-year “conversion rate” which identifies the change in drinking level from pre-arrival to mid-fall quarter.

You will find data from the classes arriving on campus in Fall 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Of Note:

Enter Full-Screen mode, located in the bottom right of the dashboard, to view full details.

Drinker Categories Defined