ANUW Mentoring Program

The ANUW Mentoring Program involves ANUW members in positive, one-on-one mentoring relationships to aide in their personal and professional development.  ANUW Mentoring provides an opportunity to network and build deeper partnerships with other Northwestern women. During the mentorship, both mentors and mentees will share experiences, build knowledge, and strengthen the Northwestern staff community. Goals of the program include creating a cross-institutional network, strengthening work/life balance, sharing experiences, and enhancing specific professional skills. 

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Association of Northwestern University Women mentoring is a mutual relationship by which one woman shares experiences, information, knowledge and skills to assist in the personal and professional development of another woman.

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Program History
In November 2011 the first mentoring committee gathered to explore the question "What does mentoring mean to ANUW?" This first mentoring committee was essentially a think tank. Five months later, the mentoring ‘think tank’ proposed a model for mentoring to the ANUW board for the ANUW membership. In May 2011, the ANUW board approved the mentoring proposal. The mentoring committee became part of the ANUW board and a key ANUW initiative for the 2012-2013 year. The current mentoring committee, the mentoring implementation committee, further developed the documents and processes in the original mentoring proposal.

This mentoring program would not be here today if it was not for the ANUW 2011-2012 president, Beth Clifford Smith. Beth brought together the original mentoring committee which started this amazing mentoring journey. From November 2011 to March 2012 the original committee poured over programs, qualities, and facts of existing mentoring programs. A special thank you to all the members of this committee for creating the proposal that laid the foundation for everything the program is today. The original mentoring committee members were: Ila Allen, Karen Allen, Sheri Carsello, Holly Erickson, Ellen Feldman, Daina Fernandez, Gail Higgins, Carol Michelini, and Sherry Minton.

With the mentoring proposal approved by the 2011-2012 ANUW board, the mentoring committee officially became part of the ANUW board structure. This allowed the mentoring committee to begin again with the focus moving away from creation to the more detailed tasks of implementation. For this phase of the program, Sherry Minton and Holly Erickson (both part of the original think tank committee) teamed up to be co-chairs of the implementation mentoring committee. From August 2012 continuing through today, the mentoring implementation committee manages and updates the ANUW mentoring program based on the ANUW mentoring model. Thank you to all the members of this committee for tirelessly working through processes and procedures that help the program run successfully.