ANUW History

Organizational Name Changes

(all dates are approximate)
Women Administrators (unofficial working group): 1983-1988
Women in Administration: 1988-1989
Association of Northwestern Exempt Women: 1989-1991
Association of Northwestern University Women: 1991-present

Original Steering Committee

(from the files of Patsy Engelhard, first president)
Juliann Bluitt, Associate Dean, Dental Admissions
Betty Brugger, Assistant Director, University Management Systems
Leila Edwards, Associate Dean, Graduate Administration
Patsy Engelhard, University College
Janice Keith, Summer Session
Robbee Kosak, Assistant VP, Development
Louise Love, University College
Carol Lunkenheimer, Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Marsha Michaelson, Manager, EEE Relations
Barbara Porter, Law Administrative Services
Charlene Shryer, Manager of Publications, University Relations
Karla Spurlock-Evans, Associate Dean, Student Services
June Terpstra, Women s Center
Jean Thompson, Associate Director, Admissions, Kellogg
Adair Waldenberg, Director, CAS Admin.

Original Purpose of the Organization

"The group reached consensus on a broad purpose for the present: The purpose of the organization is to bring women administrators together with the long term goal to include all women in mentoring." (memo from June Terpstra, 14 August 1987)
"Much has been written about women in educational administration, but a quick glance around the country will show that, in higher education, women are generally administering women-related programs such as affirmative action and women s projects, or they are concentrated in entry-level management positions. Little has been written or researched however, to suggest what institutions of higher education are doing to equip women to move upward into the central administrative structure. The question for us became, not what Northwestern University is doing for its 500 women administrators, but rather, What are we doing for ourselves and what are we willing to do for each other? Our response to that question is articulated in the enclosed Mission Statement and Goals which we have identified during the past year." (2/2/88 letter from Patsy Engelhard and Marsha Michaelson to Senior VP Lee Ellis)

Time Line of Significant Events

Preliminary discussions about forming a group for women administrators (9/14/88 letter from Carol Simpson Stern to Lee Ellis, senior vice-president for business and finance, in support of the group)

March 1987
Four NU women administrators attended American Council on Education/National Identification Program (ACE/NIP) for the Advancement of Women in Higher Education Administration Conference and are inspired to collaborate and establish a women s group at NU (2/2/88 letter from Patsy Engelhard and Marsha Michaelson to Ellis)

2 February 1988
Patsy Engelhard and Marsha Michaelson write to Senior VP Lee Ellis to request official recognition and funding of $3,050 to develop programs and educational events (2/2/88 letter from Patsy Engelhard and Marsha Michaelson to Ellis)

23 February 1988
Senior VP Lee Ellis urges Patsy Engelhard and Marsha Michaelson to talk with the Organization of Women Faculty about the possibility of consolidating interests but expresses willingness to discuss the matter further (2/23/88 letter from Ellis to Engelhard and Michaelson)

24 May 1988
Patsy Engelhard and Marsha Michaelson write to Senior VP Lee Ellis after having met with the Organization of Women Faculty; they state that both groups recommend a separate organization for women administrators; they request a meeting with Ellis (5/24/88 letter from Engelhard and Michaelson to Ellis)

27 October 1988
Senior VP Lee Ellis officially recognizes Women in Administration and appropriates $1,000 for the organization (10/27/88 letter from Ellis to Engelhard and Michaelson)

14 November 1988
First official meeting of Women in Administration at the Women s Center (10/31/88 memo from Engelhard calling the meeting)

16 February 1989
First official university-wide gathering sponsored by Women in Administration at the Guild Lounge from 5-7 p.m.

September 1989
Bylaws approved by Steering Committee and name changed to Association of Northwestern Exempt Women

First slate of officers and committee chairs to serve: President: Patsy Engelhard Leadership: Jo Tabor
Vice President: Margi Hughes Program: Hilary Ward
Secretary: Chris Jones Membership: Margi Hughes
Treasurer: Jean Shedd Publicity: Ceile Germaine
(Past President): Jean Thompson Advocacy: Barbara Siegel, Maggie Jamroz
Finance: Jean Shedd

October 1990
Bylaws amended

9 October 1991
Bylaws amended and name changed to Association of Northwestern University Women

Spring 1994
ANUW Interest Survey done by Membership Committee

20 July 1994
Bylaws changed to admit both exempt and non-exempt women on campus to membership in ANUW; mission statement revised

30 May 1996
Dues increase to $10 approved at Spring Event; winner of new logo contest announced