Association of Northwestern University Women Bylaws

Approved by the Bylaws Committee
Approved by the Steering Committee - 9/89
Amended & Approved - October 1990, October 1991, Summer 1994, July 2012

Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be the Association of Northwestern University Women (ANUW) (Amended 1991).

Article II - Mission Statement and Goals

We are committed to encouraging and supporting all women in administration at Northwestern University who are interested in professional development. Our goals are to help advance women's careers in administrations; to build networks for the exchange of information; to foster a sense of community among women; and to serve as role models and mentors for other women. We seek to ensure diversity within our membership and leadership, and to advocate for diversity and equity within the administration at Northwestern University. (Amended 1994)

Article III - Membership

Section 1 - All women employees of Northwestern University who hold exempt or non-exempt employee status are eligible to be active members of ANUW. (Amended 1994)

Section 2 - To become an active member the application form and payment of dues should be sent to the treasurer. The amount of the dues and the schedule for the payment of dues shall be determined at the Annual Meeting. 
Active membership status shall last for one fiscal year, from September 1 through August 31.  Any eligible woman can join any time during the year.

Section 3 - Active members are entitled to: make motions and vote on all issues, be eligible for elected or appointed positions, and receive all ANUW mailings, including its newsletter.

Article IV - Meetings

Section 1 - A regular meeting shall be held at least twice a year.

Section 2 - The first regular meeting of each academic year shall be the Annual Meeting. It shall be for the purpose of electing officers, receiving reports of officers and committees, and setting the dues and schedule of payment and any other business which may arise.

Section 3 - Special meetings may be called by the president or by the written request of 10 active members of ANUW to the president. The purpose of the meeting must be stated in the call. At least two weeks notice shall be given, except in cases of emergency.

Section 4 - The members present at any regular, or special meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Article V - Officers

Section 1 - The officers of ANUW shall be a past president, president, vice president, treasurer and recording secretary.

Section 2 - By the end of the spring quarter, a Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Board. It shall be the duty of this committee to nominate a single candidate for each office to be filled at the Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a report of its nominations to be sent to the membership in advance of the Annual Meeting. Before the election, additional nominations from the floor shall be permitted (Amended 1990).

Section 3 - The officers shall be elected before the Annual Meeting to serve for one year terms or until their successors are elected. The term of office shall begin at the start of the fiscal year following the year in which they are elected.

Section 4 - No member shall hold more than one office at one time.

Section 5- The following are the duties of the officers:

past president shall: preside or complete the president's term should she be absent or the office is vacant prior to the Annual meeting; and 
serve as a member of the Board.

president shall: 
 preside at all meetings; present an annual report to the membership at the end of her term; represent ANUW on appropriate occasions and serve as an ANUW spokesperson; serve as chair of the Board; appoint such other committees, standing or ad hoc, as the active membership shall deem necessary to carry on the work of ANUW;
 perform all duties commonly incident to the office of president, and such other duties as may be designated by the general membership and the Board; and serve as past president at the end of her presidency,

vice president shall: 
 assist the president in the performance of her duties; perform such duties as the president may designate; become the president at the end of the one year term as vice president; and serve as a member of the Board.

treasurer shall: present a financial report at the regular meetings; 
bill the membership for the dues and receive the payment of them, and maintain a ledger of each member's account; 
keep an accurate and up-to-date list of all active members; and 
serve as chair of the finance committee.

recording secretary shall: 
 keep a record of all proceedings of the organization and keep a file of those records; 
keep a file of all reports of officers and committees; and serve as a member of the Board.

Section 6 - Any officer may resign at any time by giving written notice to the Board. The resignation need not be accepted to be effective unless required by its terms.

Section 7 - Vacancy of an office shall be filled in the following manner:

In the case of vacancy of the recording secretary or treasurer, the president shall appoint an interim officer; 
 In the case of vacancy of the office of the past president the vacancy shall be filled by the previous year's past president or shall not be filled, to be determined by a vote from the Board; 
In the case of vacancy of the office of the president, the past president shall complete her term; and In the case of vacancy of the vice president the majority of the board shall vote from the nomination(s) from the Nominating Committee.

Article VI- The Board

Section 1 - The Board shall consist of the officers of ANUW and the chairperson or her representative from each standing committee.

Section 2 - The Board shall

Perform such duties as are specified in these Bylaws and as are usually assumed by such a governing body; Report to the membership on substantive issues; Be empowered to act on behalf of the membership between membership meetings, submitting such action to the membership for review at each regular meeting; and 
Support and endorse ANUW programs and activities.

Section 3 - The Board shall meet four times a year. One meeting shall be prior to and in preparation of the Annual Meeting.

Section 4 - Special/emergency meetings of the Board shall be called upon at the request of three members of the Board. The date, time, place and exact purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call, which should be delivered to all Board members a minimum of one week in advance. If it becomes necessary to take action in a special emergency meeting without membership ratification that action must be ratified at the next regular meeting of the membership.

Section 5 - A majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum.

Article VII - Standing Committees

Section 1 - Standing committees shall report to the membership at the Annual Meeting, to the Board at each scheduled meeting and in the ANUW newsletter. The annual report should summarize important work done by the committee during the year and may also contain recommendations which may relate to the policy of ANUW or may propose specific action to be taken by the membership. The report can contain only what is agreed to by a majority of the members. 
Standing committees shall be evaluated on an annual basis by the committee itself and presented to the Board and the membership. The evaluation shall include recommendations for further work or dissolution of the committee. Such recommendations may also be made by the Board or the membership.  A standing committee may be created by the majority vote of the Board, and it may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Board for good cause upon the recommendation of the committee, Board or the membership.

Section 2 - Each committee shall meet as it deems necessary. Each committee shall be responsible for setting its agenda and goals.

Section 3 - There shall be the following standing committees:

Leadership Development Committee 
has the responsibility to carry out those objectives identified by the Mission Statement which relate to career mentoring and professional development of women at Northwestern; Membership Committee has the responsibility to maintain appropriate membership records and communicate with the members. It is also the responsibility of this committee to encourage membership representation from a broad university-wide base; 
Publicity Committee has the responsibility to oversee public relations for ANUW and is responsible for the ANUW newsletter, 
Program Committee 
has the responsibility to develop, plan and present programs for the membership of ANUW and to work with committees in planning recommended programs; and

Article VIII - Ad Hoc Committees

Section 1 - Ad hoc committees may be created, as the need arises, to carry out specified tasks. A majority vote of the Board is necessary to create an ad hoc committee. Ad hoc committees must report at each Board meeting and at each regular membership meeting. Normally, an ad hoc committee continues until it gives its final report.

Article IX - Amendments

Section 1 - These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the active membership present at any scheduled meeting. The proposed amendment must be distributed in writing to the full membership at least two weeks before the meeting.