Number of Drinks on Occasion Drank the Most

About Number of Drinks on Occasion Drank the Most

These diagrams, broken out by biological sex*, indicate the highest number of drinks an individual consumed on a single occasion in the past 30-days of taking this survey.

For example, 29% of female students consumed 3 drinks on the occasion in which they drank the most in the past month.

One standard drink = 12oz. beer, 5oz. wine, 1.5oz. 80-proof liquor

Of Note:

  • These amounts are significantly higher than the average number of drinks consumed on a typical occasion.
  • Both Females and Males averaged well above the threshold for high-risk drinking levels (4 or more for Females, 5 or more for Males)
  • Compared to the average typical occasion amounts, we see a near doubling of the amount consumed by both females and males
  • Seniors have the widest margin with males averaging 8.1 drinks versus females consuming 4.8 drinks on the occasion they drank the most.

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Data source: Core Spring 2016, n=802