About the Community Alcohol Coalition

students outside Norris University Center

Community Alcohol Coalition

Northwestern University's Community Alcohol Coalition was developed to address the issue of high-risk alcohol use and the associated harm amongst Northwestern students and enjoys broad representation from across the University and Evanston community. 

The Coalition's charge, as given by Vice President for Student Affairs Patricia Telles-Irvin, is to:

  • Identify the key issues associated with alcohol abuse at Northwestern through an inventory of current efforts and environmental scans
  • Develop a strategic plan to mitigate high-risk behavior which is to include, but is not limited to, efforts in prevention, early intervention, policy and enforcement, and marketing measures
  • Suggest changes to existing policies, programs or protocols to reduce high-risk behaviors
  • Emphasize the use of evidence-based and -informed practices which have demonstrated success in reducing high-risk drinking and the associated harm
  • Support the development of and monitoring of data points to measure the success of the strategic plan

The Coalition, together with the Office of the Dean of StudentsHealth Promotion and Wellness, and numerous other campus departments, aims to create a campus environment that supports students in making responsible decisions through a harm reduction approach.