Our Philosophy

students at a party off campus

Like other universities, Northwestern is concerned about the consequences of high-risk drinking and other drug use including poor academic performance, sexual assault, injury and law enforcement penalties. Our efforts, particularly within the Community Alcohol Coalition, are governed by the following philosophy:

A caring, safe, and well-informed community fosters an environment in which we can all live and learn. To that end, the Northwestern community shares responsibility for promoting healthy behavior. In supporting each individual’s health and wellbeing, we assist students, staff, and faculty in understanding the risks associated with consuming alcohol while seeking to minimize the harm to self and others caused by the misuse and abuse of alcohol.

To assist in that understanding, this site was developed to provide Northwestern students, parents, faculty, staff, and neighbors with a centralized 'hub' for information, policies, programs and services. It does not represent one department, rather it represents the collective work of the many involved in addressing this complex and multidimensional issue.