Graduate, Professional, and Online Students

Chicago campus building entrance

About one third of the students registered with AccessibleNU are enrolled in a graduate or professional program, meaning that about 180 of ANU's students are on the Chicago campus or in an online program. Because graduate and professional programs are more complex than undergraduate programs, determining accommodations is also a more complex process. For instance, when working with you and your program (usually your Director of Graduate Study or a program liaison) to determine reasonable accommodations, we will consider the following areas:

  • Coursework and qualifying exams/prelims

  • Assistanceships (teaching, research, graduate, and others)

  • Practica, clerkships, and other program-specific requirements

  • Thesis, dissertation, or other final project

With that in mind, please contact us and begin the accommodations process early. Even if you are unsure you would qualify for services or anticipate that you will not need accommodations, we invite you to contact ANU at the beginning of your program if not as soon as you have committed to your program. Please also review the process for registering with AccessibleNU.

Accommodation Guidelines for All Chicago-Campus and Online Students

  • To receive accommodations, you must first register with AccessibleNU.

  • Once you have been approved for accommodations and are registered for courses, clerkships, practica, or other enrollments, request your accommodations early in the term to minimize delays or potential problems. 

  • Students in the Law School, Physical Therapy, Kellogg, TGS, and online SPS programs need to login to AccessibleNU's database and submit your request for accommodation emails. In contrast, students in the Prosthetics & Orthotics and Physician Assistant programs and M2/M3 students need to contact the Associate Director of ANU-Chicago to request your accommodations for your courses/clerkships.

  • Every quarter/semester/clerkship/year that you require accommodations, you will need to log into our database or contact the ANU-Chicago liaison to request accommodation notifications.