Health Science Program Accommodations

Students with disabilities enrolled in Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine health science programs (Medicine, Physical Therapy, Physician’s Assistant, and Prosthetics and Orthotics) may receive accommodations for their disability by completing AccessibleNU’s registration process. Students with disabilities wishing to pursue accommodations or those who have questions about registration, documentation, or types of accommodations should email Associate Director - ANU for a meeting.

Some students with disabilities may be familiar with some standard accommodations and may have used them in elementary school, high school, their undergraduate program, or on standardized exams such as the ACT, SAT, or MCAT. Some examples of standard accommodations are: more time to finish exams, taking exams in a reduced distraction environment, note taking assistance, and books in alternate formats.

Curricula in health science programs generally contain both classroom experiences where standard accommodations may apply and also clinical experiences, where accommodations may need to be tailored. Some examples of accommodations for clinical components of a health science program may include (but are not limited to): schedule adjustments, permission to leave for appointments, geographical considerations, digital or amplified stethoscope, reading software for reading notes or patient charts, or assistive devices. Accommodations for clinical settings are determined separately from those in the didactic (classroom) setting and in collaboration with the student’s respective health science faculty and clinical education coordinators.

NU students with disabilities in health science programs are encouraged to contact Associate Director - ANU via email or by calling 312.503.4042 with questions regarding accommodations for your health science program.