Registering/Intake Appointment


We are glad you are considering registering with AccessibleNU. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns using the contact information listed below.

Summary of the 3-step Procedure to Register with AccessibleNU

In order to be considered an active student, registered with AccessibleNU, you need to complete the following three steps:

  1. Complete AccessibleNU's online application.
  2. If you have documentation regarding your condition, please upload, send (email, mail, or FAX) or personally deliver your documentation to AccessibleNU. If you do not have documentation and/or would like to meet to discuss questions or concerns regarding registering with the office, please call or email AccessibleNU to set up an appointment.

    • Evanston Campus
    • Chicago Campus & Online Students
      • Aggie McGrane, Associate Director
      • Email:
      • Address: 710 N. Lake Shore Drive, Suite 500, Chicago, Illinois 60611
      • Phone: 312-503-4042
      • Fax: 312-503-4173
  3. If you have filled out our online application and/or submitted documentation of your condition, an AccessibleNU staff member will contact you to meet for an intake appointment or to request additional information. At its core, the intake meeting is an interactive process during which you and the ANU staff member discuss and agree upon possible services and accommodations. 

    • If one week has passed since you filled out an application and/or submitted documentation and you have not been contacted by an ANU staff member, contact AccessibleNU to ensure that we have received your application materials and to request an intake appointment.

Additional Notes

  • Students requesting special arrangements to their meal plans due to medical conditions should contact Northwestern's dietitian directly, ideally at least a month prior to dining at Northwestern. You may need to provide documentation of your condition to the dietitian.

  • In general, especially with conditions that are stable, documentation needs to be submitted to AccessibleNU only once to register with us. However, after registering, you must request accommodations every quarter and in each class for which you require them.

Important Notes Regarding Intake Appointments

  • During your intake appointment, you will sign an agreement listing your accommodations ("accommodation agreement") once they have been thoroughly discussed and agreed upon. If necessary, and often based on the differing nature of your courses or changes in your condition, adjustments can be made to your accommodation agreement throughout your time at Northwestern. In order to make any changes, you will need to contact your AccessibleNU advisor to determine changes and sign a new accommodation agreement.

  • You should plan for the process of registering with AccessibleNU to take about 5 business days from the time you have completed the online application and submitted documentation (if applicable). If additional documentation is needed to support a particular request, the registration process will take longer.

  • Intake appointments will generally not be scheduled after week 6 of a given quarter (or after week 12 of a semester); instead, you can schedule an intake appointment at the beginning of the following quarter/semester. Any exceptions to this guideline will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Students who are not local but hope to register prior to arriving on campus (which is recommended), can arrange for FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangout, or phone intake appointments.