Financial Support

To register with ANU, students are required to submit documentation of their condition from a provider. If a students have already been diagnosed, most doctors or mental health providers will provide documentation or will complete ANU's verification form at no cost. Counseling and Psychological Services and Health Service may be able to complete these forms if you become an established client and your symptoms appear to meet the criteria for a disability.

Reduced- or No-Cost Evaluations

For students who have not been diagnosed or need to be re-evaluated, evaluations tend to be expensive.

However, ANU works with local evaluators, including Northwestern's Center for Audiology, Speech, Language, and Learning to establish discounts for NU students, especially those with Northwestern's student health insurance.

Contact ANU for a list of reputable, reasonably priced evaluators. Your health insurance provider can also provide recommendations.

Financial Aid Support

If requested, ANU can work with Student Financial Services to try to procure additional grant aid to cover any evaluation costs. Contact ANU to pursue this option.

Student Emergency and Essential Needs Fund

Student Enrichment Services' SEEN Fund can provide financial support for evaluations. Eligibility for funding is based on financial need, as determined by the Office of Financial Aid. To apply for funding through the SEEN Fund, complete the SES One Form.

See also our relevant FAQs.