What is the note-taking accommodation?

  • The note-taking accommodation provides you with the option of receiving an extra set of notes for your course if you have been approved for a note-taker.

  • These additional notes are supplemental and not meant to be a replacement for attending class or taking your own notes.

  • Note-taking is implemented by requesting your approved accommodations, locating an appropriate student in the class (or requesting assistance from your professor), and notifying ANU of the choice. Law, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, and Medical School class note-takers are chosen by the school - do not notify your professor for these programs.

  • Typically, notes can be received electronically through the ANU database, via email, or in-person directly from the note-taker, but ANU coordinates the hiring and payment of all note takers.

To receive notes, please make sure you have:

  • Requested your accommodation notifications emails, no later than week 2, for your professor through AccessibleNU’s database AND checked the box marked “Notetaking Services” if you are requesting any note-taking accommodations for any course.

    • You will not be able to receive notes via the database if you have not selected this box and your accommodations haven’t been approved.

  • Discussed the need for a note-taker with your professor (for undergraduate and Evanston Campus graduate programs)

    • You must communicate with your professor about your note-taker accommodation, especially if you would like their assistance locating a note-taker. Please ask the professor or TA to share the note-taker ad with the class roster or make an announcement in class.

    • If you are comfortable locating your own note-taker, select someone who attends class regularly and takes good notes that fit your note-taking style. Make sure to notify ANU of the note-taker's name and email right away so we can coordinate payment. If another note-taker has already been selected (by another student in the class approved for this accommodation), a second note-taker cannot be hired.

  • Responded to ANU if you are emailed note samples and selected a note-taker (for undergraduate and Evanston Campus graduate programs)

    • If you have asked the professor for assistance in locating a note-taker and they have shared the note-taker ad with the class, it is very likely that ANU will receive samples.

    • In the event ANU receives samples of notes for your course, please make sure to review them, select the best note-taker for you, and notify ANU of your choice.

    • Note-takers should be solicited by the end of week 2 and chosen by week 4.

    • Please note: if your course contains several students who receive note taking as an accommodation, these samples will be emailed (bcc’d) to ALL of them, and ANU will hire a note-taker based on the first student to respond with a choice.

  • Followed up with ANU by week 4 if you have not received any notes samples and no note taker has been hired for your selected courses.

Downloading notes from our database

  • Once you or a classmate has selected a note-taker and informed ANU of your choice, the note-taker is typically provided with an account on the database to upload notes.

  • Once the student’s account has been linked with the course, all students with note-taking accommodations can access those notes via the database

  • Below are the steps for downloading notes: