Alternative Text Requests

This service is available for students who have been approved to receive alternate text and/or audiobooks as part of their accommodations through AccessibleNU. Please request books as early as possible, preferably within the first week of class.

Requesting Alternative Text at the AccessibleNU Center

If you require your books in an alternate format, please:

  1. Purchase the books

    • Different publishers have different rules for handing requests based on if the book is purchased new, used, or rented. This may lead to a request for you to purchase the book in a different format or you may need to bring in the book to our office for conversion.
  2. Complete the Alternative Text Request Form.

    • Book Information Needed to complete the form:

      • Title

      • Author

      • Edition (if applicable, otherwise year of publication)

      • ISBN (Found above the barcode on the back, starting with 978 or 0)

      • Preferred format - PDFs for use with text-to-speech software are standard. If another format is preferable, let me know and we can look at the options)

      • Provide receipts for all books requesting (can be scanned and uploaded into the form)

  3. If you need a course packet in electronic format, instead of filling out the Alternative Text Request Form, please purchase the hard copy, email us a copy of the receipt, and tell us the name of the course (e.g., Psychology 123) and the professor. We will contact the copy shop and send you the course packet.
  4. Make sure you have requested your accommodations within Accessible NU's database. 

Up to 4 books can be requested on one book request form. If you have more than that, please complete another form.

Complete these steps as soon as possible. We need all of these items for each book you would like to request. In the event that we cannot procure the title through other means, we may also ask that you drop off your copy in Evanston briefly for conversion. Under most circumstances, we can either get or convert your books to PDF within a 2 week timeframe---that means that if we contact you asking for your hard copy to convert that you respond and provide said book. We will request books in the order that we received a completed form.

If you are requesting math or math-heavy (such as some engineering books, etc.), we may contact you to discuss need, efficacy, etc., as often they are not titles that are useful---but we can discuss it. To that end, please make sure this is a book you need and are required to read, as this process is resource intensive and time consuming.

Lastly if you do not have a copy of the Read & Write Gold software (free to all NU students) to use for text-to-speech, please email Jim Stachowiak, our Assistive Technology Director.  You should indicate if you have a Mac or PC, and we will send you a link so you can download it.