Professor/TA Proctors

AccessibleNU's office is staffed by only 4 professionals and has space for 14 testers. For this and other issues, such as students' ability to ask questions, it is greatly appreciated when you or your TAs are able to proctor tests for students. Moreover, because of its space limitations, AccessibleNU requires you to proctor for groups of 4 or more students, especially during peak exam times. In these situations, AccessibleNU may contact you and work out a plan for proctoring the exam.

On the other hand, AccessibleNU will not require you to proctor tests for students who are approved for computer use, double time (or other higher level accommodations such as private testing room); however, we appreciate whenever you can proctor in these situations and can, for instance, loan out a laptop to you in these instances.

Students are instructed to remind their professors at least one week prior to a test about their accommodations and to make proctoring arrangements. However, if your test is coming up and any students eligible for accommodations have not contacted you, we appreciate it if you contact them to alert them to the fact that you will be proctoring and share the arrangements with them.

Booking Testing Rooms

In many cases, students with exam accommodations prefer to take exams with the rest of the class, meaning that you might need only arrange to start the students early or stay late. However, if other classes booked in the same room prevent this flexibility or if a student notifies you they need a more reduced-distraction environment than the classroom, you will need to locate an additional room. Typically, only one distraction-reduced room is needed even for multiple students, for it is acceptable to test AccessibleNU students together unless a student requires a “private room” as an accommodation. (AccessibleNU is available to proctor for students with private room and other complex accommodations.)

AccessibleNU encourages you to contact your department chairs or administrators for department or building-specific assistance in locating rooms. In addition, you will likely find Facilities Management’s website for booking campus spaces helpful in reserving proctoring rooms. In order to reserve a room, you must login to the Northwestern Room and Event system. Once you have selected a time, location, use, etc., you will see what rooms are available and will receive confirmation of bookings within two business days. Finally, AccessibleNU is happy to provide guidance if requested.