Testing Accommodations

It All Starts with the Accommodation Notification

Early in the term, you should receive an accommodation notification email from AccessibleNU. Please share this notification with any course TAs especially if they will be proctoring exams. If the student is eligible for testing accommodations, the accommodation email will include a red box with a link specific to that student that will ask the professor to create an alternative testing contract for the student. You need only fill this contract out for one student in your class; AccessibleNU can copy it for other students with accommodations in your class.

The student receiving accommodations is also instructed to contact you early in the quarter to have a discussion regarding the accommodations needed and their implementation in your class.  Due to space limitations and providing easier access for students to ask questions during exams, it is always preferred, if possible, for you to proctor your tests for students in your class who require accommodation. However, we have also elaborated our instructions for AccessibleNU to proctor your exams.