AccessibleNU Proctoring

Proctoring Exams

faculty instructions

Proctoring exams for students who have testing accommodations requires responsive communication between you, the student, and AccessibleNU staff.

Students are instructed to remind their professors at least one week prior to a test about their accommodations and to make proctoring arrangements. However, if your test is coming up and any students eligible for accommodations have not contacted you, we appreciate it if you contact them to initiate testing arrangements.

If a you are unable to proctor a student's test and have fewer than 4 students requiring testing accommodations in your class, you and the student should communicate about the student taking the exam at AccessibleNU and follow this process:

You will need to fill out the student's Alternative Testing Contract (available via a link inside a red box in the student's accommodation email; see screenshot) to initiate this arrangement. You need only fill out the contract once and we will copy it for any other students in your class. Within the contract, please include contact information during the test so that students taking the exam at AccessibleNU have the same opportunity to ask questions that their peers do.

Next, the student must schedule their test through AccessibleNU's database at least one week prior to each test they need to take in our office. You are not able to schedule exams at AccessibleNU for your students, and we appreciate your reminders to students that they must schedule tests with us themselves.

Additional Considerations

student using blue book

If your exam requires blue books or bubble sheets, we appreciate it whenever you can provide them to us.

We ask that you send exams to AccessibleNU at least 24 hours in advance. This ensures that AccessibleNU can have the exam ready for the student by start time.
Please notify us immediately of any changes or clarifications made to the exam while in progress.

If a change in testing arrangements is necessary (such as a change of exam date or time), AccessibleNU must be notified immediately. If a student wishes to reschedule an exam, our staff must have written or verbal approval from you.

Unless specifically allowed by the instructor, books, notes, cell phones, or any other non-essential items will not be allowed into the testing room. Students are permitted to exit the testing room only to use the rest room.