Faculty Advisory Board

Origin & Purpose

The primary impetus for the formation of the AccessibleNU (ANU) Faculty Advisory Board was input from Academic Affairs, who shared that a growing number of faculty had questions about their rights and responsibilities when students disclose a disability (for which the student may or may not have registered with ANU). Moreover, our Academic Affairs partners shared that they often felt reluctant to say "no" to any students' requests or to contact ANU for guidance.

The purpose of AccessibleNU Faculty Advisory Board is therefore to facilitate communication between faculty and ANU so that ANU can be better acquainted with faculty needs, and faculty can be better informed about ANU students, policies, and procedures.  In addition, we hope that even if you are uncomfortable contacting ANU with a question, you will feel more comfortable reaching out to an ANU Faculty Advisory Board member. 

AccessibleNU Faculty Advisory Board

Paul Arntson, Professor Emeritus, Communication Studies (School of Communication)

Linda Austern, Associate Professor, Music Studies (Bienen School of Music)

Michael Deas, Lecturer, Journalism (Medill School of Journalism)

Regina Lopata Logan, Research Assistant Professor (School of Education & Social Policy)

Janice Mejia, Lecturer, Administration (McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science)

Nathaniel Stern, Assistant Professor, Physics & Astronomy (Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences)

Deborah Wood, Lecturer, Writing Program (Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences)

Scott Ogawa, Assistant Professor, Instruction, Economics (Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences)

Barbara Butts, Lecturer, Theater (School of Communication)

Next Steps

Feedback from the ANU Faculty Advisory Board will inform our outreach efforts and many of the goals/objectives toward which AccessibleNU works. It is hoped that in the near future, we'll be creating additional pages with board members' strategies for best practice and other recommendations for working with students with disabilities in your classes.

If you have questions regarding the ANU Faculty Board or want to share topics you hope the ANU Faculty Board will address or provide outreach for, please contact your college's board member or contact Alison May, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of AccessibleNU.