Note-Taking Assistance

One accommodation that may be included in an accommodation notification is a note-taker, which students are instructed to request no later than the third week of the quarter. Although some students feel comfortable approaching a classmate for notes, many students need your assistance to identify a note-taker so that their identity can remain anonymous. Students are instructed by AccessibleNU to approach their professor and explicitly request assistance in locating a note-taker. 

In these latter cases, AccessibleNU recommends that you utilize our Note-Taker Ad beow to make a class announcement, formulate an email to the class roster, and/or post an ad on Canvas. AccessibleNU will notify you when a note-taker is hired for your class; in the meantime, your reminders to the class about the need for a note-taker are greatly appreciated since note-takers are frequently difficult to locate and since AccessibleNU does not have access to class listservs. AccessibleNU may also contact you to facilitate the process of locating a note-taker.

Note-Taker Ad

A student registered with AccessibleNU (ANU) requires the assistance of a student note-taker for this course. ANU will pay note-takers $100 per course for a complete set of legible, well-formatted notes. Any student who is interested complete the ANU note-taker application process

If you are hired as note taker you will receive a confirmation email that you have been assigned as a note-taker and that you should begin uploading notes immediately. An additional e-mail will be sent later in the quarter regarding the necessary paperwork for payment.

Please know that we are often looking for note-takers in many classes, so if you are interested, please sign up for as many classes as you are taking this quarter and if you match you could be hired for those classes as well!