Facilitating Non-Test Accommodations

It All Starts with An Accommodation Notification

As is the case for any student eligible for academic accommodations, you will first receive an accommodation notification (typically an email) from AccessibleNU. Although we strongly recommend that students request accommodation notifications no later than the end of week 2, you may receive some after that point. AccessibleNU is prohibited by law from notifying you on a student's behalf without the student specifically requesting this service.

In some cases of late notification, the student has only recently been diagnosed with a condition, while in others, a student wants to test out the class in hopes of not needing to request accommodations. (Previous negative reactions from others, students' own internalized prejudices against needing accommodations, or just a desire to be like their peers may all contribute to the decision not to notify you early.) There are, of course, instances when students simply forget to request their accommodations, and AccessibleNU monitors and reaches out to these students, providing academic coaching to assist students in developing strategies to prevent this in the future. 

If a student requests accommodations and you have not received an accommodation notification from AccessibleNU, please refer the student to our office. Although you as the professor can make any considerations you choose to for students not registered with AccessibleNU, you run the risk of peers alleging unfairness if you grant one student's request but not another. (You are, however, generally required to make the accommodations specified by AccessibleNU for a registered student.)