Assistive Technology

AccessibleNU's Director of Assistive Technology works individually with all students to make determinations regarding assistive technology. If he deems assistive technology necessary for a student in order for them to have equal access, the student should be permitted to utilize the assistive technology in class and/or in the preparation of assignments.

A few examples of assistive technologies for which some students are approved are an audio-recorder, Livescribe recording pen, or laptop for note-taking (which may include a recording app such as OneNote). These students are instructed to notify you prior to recording. Please contact AccessibleNU if you feel that a student's use of assistive technology is disrupting your class, you would like the student to sign AccessibleNU's contract regarding the use of class recordings, or you have other concerns. 

The University also provides some assistive technology for general student use such as Read&Write GOLD (a text-to-speech software). Much of this general-student-use assistive technology is available in the University Library.